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유료 플랜 선택

  • Demo Reel Feedback

    Feedback on Demo Reel or Portfolio on any fields
    1개월간 유효
    • Providing constructive feedback on demo reel
    • One time session for 30 minutes.
  • Demo reel completion *Special Price*

    Montly unlimited tutoring service. Full unlimited mentoring till deme reel is completed.
    1개월간 유효
    • Unlimited mentoring
    • Can use for either Matte Painting or Compositing.
  • Lecture Pass

    Access all lectures for a month.
    1개월간 유효
    • Unlimited access to a lecutures(compositing/mattepainting)
  • One class

    2 hours of session time, 57.5$/hr. Valid only for 10 days.
    10일간 유효
    • Hours valid for 10 days.
    • Can decide start date.
  • Basic Mentoring

    6 times of 30 minutes sessions monthly.Hours expires monthly. 60$/hr
    1개월간 유효
    • Hours expires monthly.
    • Can decide start date.
  • Premium Mentoring

    9 times of 30 minutes monthly.Hours expires monthly.57.7$/hr
    1개월간 유효
    • Hours expires monthly.
    • Can decide start date.
  • VIP Mentoring

    36 times of 30 minutes in a month.Hours expires month.50$/hr
    1개월간 유효
    • Hours expires monthly.
    • Can decide start date.
  • 3 hours Session Time

    Custom, random, discounted 73.3$/hr
    1년간 유효
    • 3 hours of session time
  • 5 hours Session Time

    Custom, random, discounted 70$/hr
    1년간 유효
    • 5 hours of session time
  • 10 hours Session

    Custom, random, discounted 67$/hr
    1년간 유효
    • 10 hours of session time
  • 50 hours of time

    Custom, random, discounted 64$/hr
    1년간 유효
    • 50 hours of session time.
  • 1 week unlimited

    unlimited mentorship for 1 week
    1주간 유효
    • Unlimisted mentoring
    • Includes lecture pass
  • 1 month unlimited

    unlimited mentoring for one month
    1개월간 유효
    • Unlimted 1:1 mentoring either online or email. Any questions
    • Includes compositing or matte painting
    • Inculdes lecture pass
  • 3 months unlimited

    unlimited mentoring for three months
    3개월간 유효
    • Unlimited
    • Valid for three months
    • Includes lecture pass
  • 5 months unlimited

    unlimited mentoring for five months
    5개월간 유효
    • Unlimited
    • Valid for five monthes
    • Includes lecture pass
  • Job Placement Help

    Support to get a job/transfer to new job/increase salary.
    1개월간 유효
    • Unlimted minutes to get the offer signed.
  • Survival English

    Helping in English to work aboard. 1:1 Free talking.
    1개월간 유효
    • Improving your english enough to survive abroad.
    • 8 times of 30 minuites practice sesstion. Twice per week.
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